Your Ottawa Chamber recently received a nice honor.  At the MainStream Coalition annual banquet we were recognized for “Standing Up and Speaking Out”.

Kansas Chamber executives from about 15 communities met to discuss face-to-face the multifaceted issues facing our state and the Kansas Legislature.  We determined it necessary to craft a letter encouraging looking at all solutions and involving all voices.

MainStream Coalition is “informed citizens who believe that moderate voices need to be heard in today’s political climate. They stand for mainstream, common sense, responsible and compassionate ideals and believe that people with different points of view can come together to forge good government that benefits all citizens.” This is a quote directly from their Main St Coalitionwebpage:

This is what Chambers of Commerce were designed and originated to do – speak up and advocate for businesses and citizens in local Kansas communities.  All any of us expect is a level playing field where we know the rules.  My wish is our common voice can continue to resonate as together we seek solutions for stronger communities and a stronger state.

-John Coen