“Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere”

Kansas Leadership Center

Leadership is not about authority or position. It is not defined by the job you have or the money you make. Leadership is an activity grounded in a personal desire to enhance the common good, and is based on a sense of responsibility and a desire to create a positive impact.

According to the Kansas Health Foundation, there is a direct correlation between leadership and healthier, more progressive communities. As an investment in the health of our commu­nity, Leadership Franklin County, one of the premier programs in the state of Kansas, facili­tates and inspires acts of leadership from our community members.

Leadership Franklin County is a subsidiary of the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce. In partnership with Neosho County Community College, the Kansas Leadership Center and the Kansas Community Leadership Initiative, Leadership Franklin County offers a structured leadership development program that:

  • Identifies and cultivates leadership skills.
  • Creates awareness of challenges and opportunities in our communities.
  • Inspires participants to embrace the responsibilities of providing leadership and encourages action and involvement to enhance the quality of life in Franklin County.

What Leadership Franklin County Provides

  • Comprehensive foundation of leadership skills that equips you to make a positive impact in your community.
  • A one-year complementary individual membership to the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Community awareness and exposure.
  • Opportunities for growth in conflict resolution and collaboration.
  • Awareness and integration of personality and leadership styles to achieve the common good.
  • Networking within our community and civic and service organizations.
  • Engagement in academic coursework from Neosho County Community College.
  • A call to action—encouragement, confi­dence and tools to implement skills and abilities in the workplace and community.

What Sponsors Provide

Participants in Leadership Franklin County may be sponsored by their employer, civic group or organization, or be self-sponsored.


  • Support the mission and purpose of Leadership Franklin County.
  • Facilitate attendance at the required class sessions.
  • Provide financial support
  • Financial assistance is available; please contact Leadership Franklin County for additional information.

Who Should Participate?

1.       Would you like to increase your leadership capacity? 

2.      Do you desire personal and professional growth?

3.      Are you motivated to increase your engagement in the community?

Contact Leadership Franklin County via email leadershipfrco@gmail.com or call 785-242-1000.

LFC 2015-2016 Brochure