Dear Chamber Supporter:
It was a chilly Halloween last night…second coldest on record. We only had grandkids come to our house…pictures of the little goblins here. Now Halloween is passed we will move from central daylight savings time to central standard time early Sunday morning…don’t forget to “fall back” an hour when you go to bed Saturday evening.
Cherry and I are leaving for Greece with 90 other Chamber travelers Saturday morning. Greece is typically 7 hours ahead of Ottawa…but they have already ended daylight savings last Sunday. I’m not sure where that leaves us time wise…I guess I’ll just look at the clock when we get there. Having traveled to Europe before it takes a day or so to adjust to the time difference…it’s worse coming home. Having the time change for daylight savings can’t make it better.
I’m anxious to share pictures and travel stories with all of you when we return…I’ll send some next week (if I can figure out the time thing). I’ll probably have Ryland and Sydney give you local updates…they will be guest writers next week.
Most know Sherri Lund our office manager…she organizes the Chamber trips. Last week she had some health issues flair up and now is unable to travel with us…she will additionally be out of the office for a couple of weeks. Keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal.
Paul Bean:
Paul starts in the office next week as the new Franklin County Development Director (FCDC). I went to his farewell at the University last Friday (pictures here). Paul has done a fantastic job in his role as Vice President of Advancement for the University…they will miss him. We are lucky to keep him in Ottawa and still working for our greater community. Paul’s first day will be Monday but he will be attending a conference out of town until Wednesday. Give him a chance to catch his breath but stop in and say hi…we are glad this position is finally filled.  
Corner Market:
The Corner Market welcomed friends and guests this week with soft openings. Monday evening invited community guests gathered for cocktails and menu samplings…pictures here. It is really neat space inside. In my pictures you will see an art gallery and also a coffee roaster. Local artist John Gladman is managing the gallery…he will have a couple of guest artists on display at all times. And of course the art is available for purchase. Eventually the Corner Market will roast their own coffee beans…kind of nifty. Each day for lunch this week a different group was invited…Tuesday it was City workers, Wednesday was the County, Thursday were USD 290, OU and NCCC. I went on a couple different days…the food and atmosphere are great.  You are going to love this new space…official opening is tomorrow, Saturday, November 2.
We cut the ribbon for the Corner Market this morning…pictures here. There was a huge attendance and festive atmosphere on a cold morning. During the deconstruction process, Brett Chartier picked up a brick from the Halloren Building and brought it to the Chamber. I presented this to Josh Walker at the ribbon cutting this morning. Our Community is lucky to have local stakeholders willing to invest back into Ottawa. Well done Josh…thanks for your confidence in Ottawa and Main Street!!
Club Carwash:
Also opening this week was the Club Carwash Club at 2230 South Princeton Street…a cold week, but they opened regardless. The Club was offering $1.00 carwashes all this week so I couldn’t resist getting my car cleaned (pictures here). It is a quick experience and my car really shone once washed. You never have to get out of your car…the system pulls you through and works really slick. The manager has been into the Chamber and plans on joining…we will have a grand opening for the new local business in the near future. In the meantime here is their webpage…Club Carwash. The new building really makes this community corner pop…the new hotel will just add to the new look at the City’s entrance. I’m thinking how nice it will be to get your car washed in the middle of winter after all the snow and salt is on the streets. Welcome to Ottawa!!
Steve Physioc:
We had a fascinating speaker for First Friday Forum today (pictures here)…Steve Physioc who has been the voice of the Royals for 8 seasons and a sports broadcaster for 40 years.  Brad Howard at KOFO helped make the arrangements…and what luck to have him scheduled here the day after the Royals name Mike Matheny as their new on-field manager. Steve gave us the inside scoop and locker room “behind the scene” stories which is always fun. He shared the energy in the room yesterday at the Mike Matheny press conference was “off the charts”. He also told forum attenders he is starting to see the same “unselfish” team attitude as we saw in 2015 as this current group of Royals grows together.
In addition to broadcasting, Physioc has started to write books…he has finished 2 books, The Walls of Lucca and Above the Walls which is a squeal to the first and is just now beginning a new story. You can order the books on line if you want to get a different feel for someone we know as a sports broadcaster.
Just a Few More Things:
·        Please keep buying raffle tickets for the 2019 Silverado Truck…sales have continued to be steady. The drawing will be Saturday, December 14. Here are the links to purchase your tickets: single tickets here for $125.00 per ticket or 10 tickets here for $1,000.00
·        I thought you might enjoy this picture of Cherry and several of her co-teachers dressed as the Golden Girls for Halloween. Cherry is Sophia, Haley Waymire is Dorothy, Shanta Kemp is Blanche, and Kara Lynch is Rose.
·        It was a fun K-State game last weekend beating the number 5 school in the nation…picture here of students rushing the field. It really sets up the KSU (now #22) vs. KU game this Saturday!! KU had a big win too last weekend surprising Texas Tech. Game on!!
·        Some will remember last week Cherry and I had Jase and Evie most of the week while their parents were out of town. Evie joined me for lunch one day…when you have lunch with grandpa you can start with ice cream…no need for chicken nuggets – picture here
Time for me to run…I have barely started to pack and our flight leaves tomorrow after lunch. I will talk to you next week from Greece…hope it is warmer there!
Onward ~ John 
John Coen
Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce