A little bit about the Chamber

The Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization for Ottawa & Franklin County, Kansas, providing access to all our community offers.  We are a growing community located on the NAFTA  Super-Highway, I-35.  We have access to all of life’s amenities:  jobs, education, healthcare, housing, recreation, and arts & entertainment.

The Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce is always happy to assist those inquiring of our Chamber and our community. To those discovering the Ottawa Community for the first time, we extend a warm “Chamber Welcome.” We are proud of our Chamber of Commerce, its members and our area of this great nation. We are a thriving, vibrant and diverse community with a rich history of both struggles and accomplishments.

Franklin County is one of the fastest growing counties in Kansas. Opportunities for primary and secondary education abound. Our health care facilities and programs are second to none. Our industrial base offers many opportunities to work where you live and raise a family. We are near five great boating and fishing lakes and our community has both east-west and north-south rail trails for biking and walking.

The “good life” is right here in Franklin County! If you don’t live or work here now, we hope you will soon join us in building our community’s future together.



  • A non-profit organization, comprised of more than 300 businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals.
  • A voice for businesses and the citizens of the Ottawa/Franklin County area in internal affairs as well as external affairs.
  • Promotes civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and professional development.
  • An Ambassador for our community for economic development at the state and regional levels.
  • A sounding board for entrepreneurial ideas and a referral source within the network.


  • To coordinate the efforts of commerce, industry and professionals in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in the Ottawa/Franklin County area.
  • To sponsor aggressive programs of work and stimulate activities, which will provide for full development and employment of our human and economic resources.
  • To provide creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and in initiating constructive community action.
  • To create broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in the Ottawa/Franklin County area and
  • To promote the advantages and assets of our community, within the area, in the state and in the nation.


The Chamber is funded from a variety of sources. One, being voluntary member investments based on a fee schedule, another being performing contract services for the city and county, and finally through industry grants and donations throughout the year. Additional non-dues income is realized by a program of marketing tools offered to Chamber members at various times throughout the year as well as committee activities and other sponsorships. Investments are tax deductible and recognized by the IRS as a legitimate business expense, not as a charitable contribution.


    • Working directly with the City of Ottawa and Franklin County on all fronts of economic development, as well as issues that better the quality of life for all citizens of the community.
    • Working with the public and private school system and colleges of the area to provide greater opportunities for career and job skills development.
    • Working with recreation services for the community and other agencies for all ages in the community.
    • Working to provide opportunities to connect national, state and local political offices.
    • Being a conduit for information flow between state and regional organizations and local industry.
    • Being a facilitator for positive discussion of the issues which affect our community.
    • Promoting Ottawa area accommodations and attractions to our business and recreational visitors.
    • Promoting the Ottawa area as a great place to live and raise a family.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote growth and economic vitality of its membership and to provide leadership for the improvement of the business climate and overall quality of life in our region.